Karnataka Govt updates regarding all Exams

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Karnataka Government Order regarding all recruitment and academic exams.

As we all Know Corona virus is alarmingly spreading all over the world. whole world is scared about this deadly virus. Even world health organisation has declared this disease as the Pandemic and requested all the nations to take preventive measures.

Hence, Countries all over the world are taking very strict initiative to control/prevent  this Covid 19 virus. As Part of this initiative Indian Govt has also taking many measures to prevent the spreading of  Covid 19 virus.

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Karnataka Government Declares Holiday

To Prevent this this Corona virus the Government of Karnataka has declared 15 days holiday for the all government and private educational institution from 14/03/2020 to 28/03/2020.


All Exams are postponed

Due to declaration of holiday from 14/03/2020 to 28/03/2020 all  academic and recruitment exams scheduled between this period will be postponed for the future date.

Exams Postponed

Here are the some of the exams which are get postponed due to declaration of holiday to prevent corona virus

Holiday has been  declared for all Government and private aided degree colleges Check out DCE order
holiday has been declared for all schools.
Technical education department of Karnataka declared holiday. official order
VTU declared holiday & All Exams are postponed Including PhD Course work examsCheckout the VTU official order
All KSOU Exams and contact classes are postponed. Checkout KSOU official order
Bangalore University has declared holiday for all classes and hostels will be also closed. Checkout the BU official order
TET Exam postponed to 12/04/2020 Checkout in the official website
Rani Chennamma University has also declared holiday.

Cancellation of Bio metric attendance

Department of Technical education of Karnataka has cancelled the bio metric attendance upto 31/03/2020. Official order.


Hence, the all public gatherings in the state of Karnataka has been postponed to prevent this Corona virus.

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