Result Analysis Tool: Students Category & Gender-wise

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Category-wise, Gender-wise & Grade-wise Result Analysis Tool for Teachers & Professors.


It is necessary for the every teacher to keep records of the result statistics of his students and the subjects he teach. Many a times higher/ superior authorities will ask for the results related statistics for various purposes. Especially in higher education institutions result analysis plays very important role. For NAAC purpose it is very essential to analyze the results in the prescribed format And every institution has to present their results related statistics which carries the good amount of weightage for the institutions.

To analyze the results for various purposes teachers, professors and educational institutions spend lot of time but even after spending hours of time it is very difficult to finalize the students results data. If the students’ strength is high it becomes even more difficult.

Keeping all this in mind I have developed an Automatic result analysis tool which analyses the results of the students Category-wise, Gender-wise and grade-wise accurately. This tool reduces the errors or mistakes and saves your time and this result analysis tool is user friendly and easy one. Anyone can use this tool with minimum/no computer knowledge.

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Instructions to use category wise and gender wise result analysis tool

  • This Excel Document consist of 2 excel sheets namely “INSTRUCTIONS” & “RESULT ANALYSIS”.
  • If Macros are Disabled please Enable the Macros before using the RESULT ANALYSIS Statement.
  • Before using this result analysis tool read all the instructions carefully.
  • All Grey & Other Colored Cells are Protected and Updates /Calculates Automatically.
  • Enter Required/Applicable Data in White Colored Cells only. (Follow the Instructions given in Each Cell)
  • Name of the Student is mandatory. So please enter the Name of the Student before entering the marks obtained.
  • Enter the Minimum and maximum marks to secure particular grade in the given cells.
  • Enter the Marks Obtained including internal assessment marks


  • If any Student failed in the subject even after scoring passing marks due to less marks in externals and high marks in internals or vice versa, in such cases don’t enter the actual marks. Enter the marks less than the minimum passing marks.
  • If you want category wise and gender wise Result Analysis select the Category and Gender of the student. Otherwise just ignore the category and gender then it gives only grade-wise analysis.
  • If any student is absent to the particular paper Enter “AB” in the Marks Obtained Column
  • If you are Pasting any data from any other workbook while pasting please use VALUES (V) in paste options. Kindly don’t use Shortcut “CTRL + V”
  • Print the Area which is covered by Blue & Yellow Colored Cells in “RESULT ANALYSIS” Sheet. If printing alignment is not proper Go to Page Setup in Print Menu and select Fit to : type 1 page(s) wide by 7 tall [Page Setup- Fit to : type 1 page(s) wide by 7 tall].

Hope this awesome tool is useful to you all. If it is useful to you share your feedback / suggestions in the comment section. Share this link to every one so that anyone can make use of this awesome result analysis tool.



Download Result Analysis Tool

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4 Responses to Result Analysis Tool: Students Category & Gender-wise

  1. Jagadish says:

    Good work sir

  2. HANUMANTHAPPA T assistant professor says:

    Total obtained marks entry madodrinda one problem ide . for example one student get 26 in theory exam and 14 marks in internal total 40 result is fail because ,in theory get 26 marks .here we enter total marks results shows pass please solve it sir

    • GC EduCity says:

      Thank you for your reply sir.
      Yes i’m already working on it. Till that time, you can enter the total marks lees than the passing marks to get the correct result analysis. i have explained this in the instructions also.
      Thank you

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