KSET 2017 Paper 1 Solved Question Paper with Answers

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KSET/NET Preparation Practice Tests

KSET 2017 Questions Paper – Welcome to the KSET / NET Preparation classes. To make your learning more creative and enjoyable i’m herewith launching the Practice test series for KSET/NET exam. Following is the KSET 2017 question paper, you can take the practice test and record your answers. After that finally submit your answers. once you submit the answers it shows the number of questions you have answered and correct answers given and percentage you have scored.

Very importantly after submission it shows the detailed report for each question like answer you have chosen and correct answer for that question.


Very importantly after submission it shows the detailed report for each question like answer you have chosen and correct answer for that question.








KSET 2017 General paper 1 PDF Part 1

KSET 2017 General paper 1 PDF Part 2

KSET 2017 General paper 1 PDF Part 3

KSET Question Paper 2017 – Paper 1 (Kannada)

KSET 2017 Paper 1 Key Answers

Welcome to KSET 2017 Solved Question Paper - General Paper 1 Test


1. Humidity in the air


2. Who described dams as ‘pilgrim centres of development’ ?


3.  State which of the following is false.


4. Match the following :

                   List – I                  List – II

    1. Silent Valley               a. Karnataka

    2. Appiko                         b. Madhya Pradesh

    3. Chipko                         c. Kerala

    4. Sardar Sarovar           d. Uttar Pradesh

 Codes :


5. The word ‘Ecosystem’ was coined by


6. The Comprehensive Wild Life Protection Act in India came into being in the year


7. A dynamic approach to learning implies


8. A student who seeks meaning and reasoning for what s/he learns can be classified as


9. Which of the following practice belongs to the method of Diagnostic Evaluation ?


10. A pragmatic educational philosophy would believe that


11. Which of the following is an example of ‘Intervening variable’ ?


12. Which of the following does not apply to Micro-teaching ?


13. f any person uses official uniforms of naval authorities to falsely represent himself to be a naval officer, he or she shall be guilty of an offence under


14. An editor, according to Section 3(2) of the Working Journalists Act, (an editor) may be retrenched from service with a notice period of


15. Name the official public broadcaster of the country.


16. Indian Press Council consists of


16. Under IPC 124A, whoever by words either spoken or written brings hatred towards a government established by law in India is an offender under


18. In India who ever defames another person shall be punishable with


19. Two statements (a) and (b) given below are followed by two conclusions (i) and (ii). You have to consider the statements are true. Which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements ?

 Statements :

 (a) Some musicians are singers.

 (b) All the singers are dancers.

Conclusions :

 (i) Some musicians are dancers.

 (ii) No singer is musician.


20. In the following question a statement is followed by two conclusions numbered (I) and (II). You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusion and decide which of them logically follows beyond a reasonable doubt.

Statement :

 The Government of India has decided to allocate Rs. 100 crores each year for 5 years for developing smart cities project

Conclusion :

 (I) Rs. 500 crores is not sufficient for developing smart cities project in India.

 (II) Rs. 500 crores is adequate for developing smart cities project in India.


21. The question below is followed by two arguments (I) and (II). Decide which of the arguments is “strong” and which is “weak”. Choose the correct answer from the given below.

 Statement :

 Should all the infrastructure development projects in India be given to the private sector ?

 Arguments :

 (I) No, private sector units are not equipped with the necessary assets to execute such projects

 (II) Yes, in a developing country such projects could be executed by the private sector.


If the statement “all students are intelligent” is true, which of the following statements are false ?

 (i) No students are intelligent.

 (ii) Some students are intelligent.

 (iii) Some students are not intelligent.


23. Choose the pair of words which shows the same relationship as given at the top. Protagonist: Character


24.There were 6 friends A, B, C, D, E and F. Everyone is good in one of the following games : Baseball, Volleyball, Carom, Hockey, TT and Polo. Each owns a different coloured car-yellow, green, black, white, blue and red. D plays polo and has yellow car. C does not play TT and Hockey and owns neither blue nor yellow car. E has white car and plays Baseball. B doesn’t play TT, he has red car. A plays carom and has black car. Based on this information answer the following question : Which coloured car F owns and which game F plays ?


25. Research ethics does not include


26. Newton’s discovery of the law of gravity belongs to


27. While sampling, if a researcher decides to interview every 15th name on a list, it is an example of


28. UGC insists on research papers to be published in Journals with


29. External validity in research refers to


30. When the likely effects of an incident on a dependent variable are investigated, it is known as


31. ‘University News’ is a weekly journal brought out by


32. Name the Director of NAAC


33. Expand RUSA.


34. The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on


35. Higher education in India is the responsibility of


36. The Headquarters of NCRI is in


37. PDF is an abbreviation for


38. 4 GB is equal to


39. VOIP means


40. DNS means

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