Financial Accounting Study Material & Question Papers

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Financial Accounting Study Material & Previous Year Question Papers

Financial Accounting


In this article you can download the study material for Financial Accounting and advanced financial accounting Subjects of First and second semester, Bangalore University. and also the previous Year Question Papers


The primary and prime objective of any business organization is to make profit by satisfying their customers. Thereby satisfy the investors by providing good returns for their investments. To know whether business is making profit or incurring the losses, it is very much Important to keep track of the each and every transaction which contributes for the profit or loss of the business organization.

But in Personal or individual case, it is possible to keep the track of the transactions because they are very small in terms of number and volume of the transactions. But in case of the business organizations everyday thousands of transactions will take place. Hence, it becomes impossible for the human brain to keep track of all the business transactions without the proper system of record maintenance.

In simple words that System of record maintenance of the business transactions its self we can call it as accounting.


Accounting means it is a systematic process of maintaining the records of all business transactions. This accounting has set of rules and regulations which enables the users to have uniformity in their account maintenance.


Accounting identify the business transactions which have monetary or financial implications on the business. It classifies and analyses the business transactions. Then summarizes the business transactions to make meaning full expressions. Then interprets the results of the business transactions to know the financial performance or the position.

Branches of Accounting

Accounting has three branches of accounting

  • Financial accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Management accounting

Study Material

Here you can find the Study material for Financial Accounting


Module No. 1: Theoretical Framework of Accounting

Introduction-Meaning and Scope of Accounting- Accounting Terminologies- Uses and Users of Accounting information-Accounting Process-Basis of Accounting: Cash and Accrual basis-Branches of Accounting-Accounting Principles-Concepts and Conventions Accounting Standards-Indian Accounting Standards (IND AS).

Download Conceptual Framework of Financial Accounting

Module No. 4: Royalty Accounts

Introduction-Meaning-Types of Royalty-Technical Terms: Lessee, Lessor, Minimum Rent –Short Workings –Recoupment of Short Working Accounting Treatment in the books of Lessee and lessor – Journal Entries and Ledger Accounts including minimum rent account.

Download Royalty Accounts




Chapter : Introduction to Financial Accounting

Meaning, Definition and scope of Accounting – Objectives of Accounting – Functions of Accounting – Branches of Accounting – Accounting Principles – Accounting Concepts and Conventions – Accounting Standards: Meaning and Objectives – Indian Accounting Standards, IND AS, IFRS – Distinction between IND AS and IFRS. 

Download Introduction to Financial Accounting:

Chapter : Departmental Accounts

Meaning, Objectives -Basis of allocation of expenses- Trading and profit and loss account in columnar form (Excluding interdepartmental transfers at Invoice price)

Download Departmental Accounts

Chapter : Insurance claims

Introduction – need- loss of stock policy- Steps for ascertaining fire insurance claims – Treatment of salvage – Average clause – Treatment of abnormal items – Computation of fire insurance claims

Download Fire Insurance Claims

Chapter : Consignment Accounts

Introduction – Meaning – Consignor – Consignee – Goods Invoiced at Cost Price – Goods Invoiced at Selling Price – Normal Loss – Abnormal Loss – Valuation of Stock – Stock Reserve – Journal Entries – Ledger Accounts in the books of Consignor and Consignee.

Download Accounting for Consignment

Chapter : Accounting For Joint Ventures

Introduction – Meaning – Objectives – Distinction between joint venture and consignment –Distinction between joint venture and partnership – maintenance of accounts in the books of co-venturers – maintaining separate books for joint venture – preparation of memorandum joint venture – problems.

Download Accounting for Joint Venture

Chapter : Branch Accounts

Introduction – Meaning – Objectives – Types of Branches – Dependent Branches – Features – Supply of Goods at Cost Price – Invoice Price – Branch Account in the books of Head Office (Debtors System Only).

Download Branch Accounts



Previous Year Question Papers

Here You can download the Advanced Financial Accounting  previous year question papers of Second semester B.Com, Bangalore University. 

2015           2016            2017              2018              2019

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